We believe that every youth should have the resources, opportunities, and supports necessary to achieve healthy, meaningful, and economically sustainable adulthood.
– Our Vision

Our Approach

Collaborative Local Leadership

YouthHub’s approach is rooted in collaborative local leadership. The local Youth Leadership Coalition and Stakeholder Coalition (made up of schools, youth organizations, businesses, employment agencies, faith communities, etc.) work collaboratively to identify, align to, and support shared neighborhood goals and outcomes.

Community Goals and Measures

YouthHub engages the community to set goals and measure progress related to youth outcomes. We are successful when a neighborhood experiences progress in this goals. Our community measurement system helps track progress, inform what interventions are necessary, and assess the effectiveness of existing programs.


Through innovation methods, YouthHub equips neighborhoods to develop a portfolio of initiatives designed to promote improved outcomes. YouthHub engages youth, residents, and stakeholders to use community data to identify challenges and opportunities to improve current programs, or to develop new initiatives where critical gaps exist.