Who We Are

Youth Hub got it’s start in Codman Square, Dorchester as a result of the Millennium Ten Initiative. In 2014 Youth Hub did a pilot survey in a smaller neighborhood within Codman Square to collect data related to youth employment. We discovered that only 30% of youth surveyed were employed at the time of the survey. That is half the employment rate of youth from middle-upper income families.


As a community, we seek to increase the local youth employment rate by 10% this year, and to achieve 60% youth employment by 2019.

Youth Cohorts

A foundational element of the YouthHub strategy is the development of youth peer groups – Youth Cohorts – that provide small group contexts for developing personal and career skills, as well as essential peer and adult support. The purpose of the Youth Cohort intervention is to increase participants’ social supports and improve outcomes related to youth employment. Youth Cohorts are made up of 8-12 youth, supported by 2-3 adult coaches, that meet regularly to build supportive relationships, while working toward explicit employment and career-readiness goals.




Block Stewards

The Block Steward initiative is a new way to engage TNT neighbors in community efforts to improve quality of life and wellbeing in our neighborhood. Block Stewards work both independently engaging with neighbors (about 50-75 households each), and as a team learning together and strategizing for positive change in our neighborhood. Block Stewards receive ongoing training and support, as well as professional development opportunities